The initial part of a stroke, in which one moves a racket or club, for instance, to the position from which forward motion begins.
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the movement of a club, bat, or racket backwards, away from the intended point of contact, in preparation for making a stroke
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the movement backward of a racket, bat, etc., preparatory to a forward stroke or swing.
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[ˈbækˌswɪŋ] n (Tennis) → movimento di apertura
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When the hands control the weight of the clubhead the body then can make a full turn behind the ball completing the backswing. This is known as the loaded position.
Everyone has their own tempo-some quicker, some slower, but the relative speed of the backswing to downswing remains consistent.
Wieters and Baker both correctly argued that Baez should have been called out because of backswing interference with the catcher on strike three, per rule 6.03 (a) (3) (4) Comment, and the 2018 MLB Umpire Manual that reads: If a backswing infraction occurs in a situation where the batter would I normally become a runner because of a third strike not caught, the ball shall be dead and the batter declared out.
TIGER WOODS slammed a fan who yelled out: "Free Palestine", on his backswing at the final hole of The Open.
Backswing 6 Yopa 9 - Russell Zutic 3 Callum Neill 1; Jim Scriven 0 Garry McKean 3; Mike Service 3 Andrew Stores 2; Shaun McEwan 0 Junior Wood 3.
Hinging your wrists correctly, you will feel your clubhead light on the backswing. Don't rotate your arms and hands too much as you swing your club back.
American Nicolas Paez, the third man in the last flight, claimed Tabuena hit a loose leaf on his backswing on a bunker on the par-3 No.
Go ahead and make a backswing and this will allow the right elbow to stay connected to the upper body.
[USA], Aug 11 (ANI): Golfers wanting to shoot below par or tennis players looking to smash their way past opponents should focus on their backswing in order to perfect new techniques quickly, a recent study has suggested.
Far from possessing a conventional swing, Daly's enormous backswing and shoulder turn helped him top the PGA Tour's driving rankings for years as he regularly boomed drives well over 300 yards.