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The latter is both more thorough and more time consuming, roughly doubling the backup time. If your data is crucial, it can make sense to do a full verification on a regular basis.
The company's team designed a backup and archiving system (using IBM Tivoli storage management, xSeries servers, and Overland storage systems) that reduced backup time for the college from 14 hours to two, as well as shortened the times of other IT management tasks.
With the ever-increasing growth of data and the ever-shrinking backup time window, Exabyte recognizes the growing market trend toward automation.
Incremental backup minimizes the backup time and differential backup minimizes the restore time and the specific application may require one or the other.
SQLsafe accelerates, compresses and encrypts SQL Server backups -- reducing backup time by up to 50% over native backups, and reducing backup disk space requirements by up to 95%.
It requires less resources then Windows XP, and is ideally suited to mobile devices because of more battery backup time and other advantages.
Sharp Healthcare, a San Diego-based not-for-profit integrated regional health care delivery system, has slashed backup time in half, increased disaster-recovery capabilities and reduced the risk associated with non-compliance with HIPAA regulations since deploying CommVault Data Protection, one of the five core modules in the Simpana 7.0 software suite.
11 -- Addressing the challenges VMware administrators face in managing and storing data in virtual environments, Pancetera has collaborated with i365, A Seagate Company, that will help IT managers cut virtual machine (VM) backup time from hours to minutes and reductions of data transfer between 50-80 percent.
With an install-to-start backup time of approximately five minutes1, Acronis vmProtect 6 can recover a virtual machine directly from a backup image, without having to do a full restore, and actual recovery times can take less than a minute.
* Backup time up to 640 hours of standby time and up to 14 h 30 min talk time
If you are Eugene officers, the backup time could be 10 minutes.
This ability to monitor backup power ensures that it is always functional and that if widespread power fails, all systems will operate for the designated amount of backup time.