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Compatible with earlier systems or elements of earlier systems: a new release of an operating system that is backward-compatible with earlier versions.
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5 percent represented gamers spending time playing backward-compatible titles.
The family of fully backward-compatible benchtops, complete with a new embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence.
While they are designed to be fully backward-compatible to XP Office and even older Windows applications, I've had occasional unpleasant experiences in the past with software that claims to be backward-compatible.
In addition, all three generations of AIT drives available today are both read and write backward-compatible.
Commenting on the announcement, James Ellis, vice president of strategic growth programs at Imation, said, "We are pleased to support RDX technology, a forward- and backward-compatible technology.
Requiring no changes to router vendors' current BGP implementations, BGP is fully backward-compatible and incrementally deployable, allowing for seamless integration in existing networks.
Features such as downmix setting and audition, as well as DTS Digital Surround backward-compatible Core playback, provide the audio professional with the ability to monitor DTS-HD encoded streams and emulate various consumer playback systems with confidence.
The Comtech retrofitted AN/TRC-170 terminals, using the newest 16 MB/s troposcatter modem, will be backward-compatible with any non-retrofitted AN/TRC-170's, as well as compatible with the AN/TRC-175, (HMDA), the Army's newest beyond line-of-sight terminals for which Comtech has also supplied its over-the-horizon microwave troposcatter modems, radios and high power amplifiers.
The mode will be disabled as a standard product default setting, making the new transceivers completely backward-compatible with all existing AeroComm installations.
DDR InfiniBand solutions are backward-compatible and fully interoperate with existing 10 Gbps InfiniBand fabrics protecting customers' existing investments in InfiniBand-based clusters and grids.