bacon and eggs

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Noun1.bacon and eggs - European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in Americabacon and eggs - European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America
genus Lotus, Lotus - annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
2.bacon and eggs - eggs (fried or scrambled) served with baconbacon and eggs - eggs (fried or scrambled) served with bacon
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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(Aunt Pettitoes passed round the handkerchief again)--"beware of traps, hen roosts, bacon and eggs; always walk upon your hind legs." Pigling Bland, who was a sedate little pig, looked solemnly at his mother, a tear trickled down his cheek.
"Bacon and eggs, bacon and eggs!" clucked a hen on a perch.
Taking me into the little back-room which he inhabited, the old man gave me all he had to offer--a supper of bacon and eggs and a glass of home-brewed beer.
Potato salad with bacon and eggs INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 2 ripe peeled avocados with stone removed 100g creme fraiche Black pepper and salt to taste 1/2tbsp white wine vinegar 750g warm cooked baby potatoes 2 quartered hard-boiled eggs 1/2 a small red onion very finely chopped 150g streaky bacon cut into small snips and fried till crispy Roughly 2 heaped tbsp each chopped coriander and parsley DIRECTIONS Blitz avocado and creme fraiche together till smooth.
Kimchi bacon and eggs, above, and below, hot and spicy French toast are just two of the delicious dishes on Honeycomb & Co's menu
Saving a few pounds is a sad fact of modern life; the downside is the quality of what you purchase, and so once in a while it is definitely worth it to buy from local small shops as you get a better tasting chicken, bit of lamb or in our case bacon and eggs.
The Bacon and Eggs Nest is a pretty dish of a bacon-wrapped bread cup topped with egg and cheese.
Julianna Martinelli opened a bottle of her family's Chardonnay instead of orange juice (why not?), and bacon and eggs found their consummate match.
For a nice change from bacon and eggs simply substitute kippers.
NUEVOS HUEVOS RANCHEROS FROM the American Southwest down to the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, huevos rancheros are as common a breakfast item as waffles or bacon and eggs are in the United States.
The manager Bobby Robson called them bacon and eggs as they were so good together.
I recently indulged in what for me was a treat - bacon and eggs but made the grave error of frying them together in the same pan.