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Relating to or caused by bacteria: a bacterial enzyme.

bac·te′ri·al n.
bac·te′ri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.bacterially - by bacteria; "spreads bacterially"
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Tenders are invited for A bacterially viral filter with a heat and moisture exchange for ventilators
Some two-thirds of Pakistani households drink bacterially contaminated or otherwise compromised water, no surprise when we consider that far too many of our natural waterways are choked with filth.
More than two-thirds of households drink bacterially contaminated water and, every year, 53,000 Pakistani children die of diarrhoea after drinking it, says UNICEF.
Not like poop, that is - the things that make poop smell like poop are absolutely different bacterially.
PCs that are stored at room temperature (20-24 [degrees]C) provide a bacterial growth condition and are regarded as the main cause of bacterially induced transfusion disorders.
As the illness is contracted virally, and not bacterially, using medications like antibiotics are not effective.
38)-40) To map the E3 ligase activity of Hbo1, deletion mutants of Hbo1 were bacterially purified (Fig.
Bacterially induced mineralization of calcium carbonate: the role of exopolysaccharides and capsular polysaccharides.
The seawater tested as bacterially active and showed a slight-to-moderate increase in bacteria species after the 30-day tests under simulated wet park conditions.
Whenever bacterially contaminated raw or partially cooked food is consumed by susceptible population, then there is a chance of detrimental impact on public health (2,3).
Enzyme-linked Immunoassay (EIA) of a bacterially expressed protease indicated that most individuals developed an antibody response to protease.
13, 14) The biological mechanisms involve bacterially induced activation of cell-mediated immunity, which leads to production of cytokines (such as interleukins [IL-1 and IL-6] and tumour necrosis factor alpha [TNF-a]) and the ensuing synthesis and release of prostaglandins (especially prostaglandin E2 [PGE2]).

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