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An agent, such as a chemical or biological material, that inhibits bacterial growth.

bac·te′ri·o·stat′ic adj.


(Microbiology) any substance that arrests the growth or reproduction of bacteria but does not kill them


(bækˈtɪər i əˌstæt)

a substance or preparation that inhibits the further growth of bacteria.
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Noun1.bacteriostat - a chemical or biological material that inhibits bacterial growthbacteriostat - a chemical or biological material that inhibits bacterial growth
agent - a substance that exerts some force or effect
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Antibiotics some bacteriostats, antibiotics, antifungal medications, other (tablets, ampoules, other characters), contrast agents, epoetin beta, infusion liquids, enteral nutrition, anesthesia drugsybiotyki,
Such films act as a carrier of antioxidant, flavor, and bacteriostats and can improve the quality of food products.
Specialty biocides include bactericides, bacteriostats and fungicides.