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An agent, such as a chemical or biological material, that inhibits bacterial growth.

bac·te′ri·o·stat′ic adj.
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Adj.1.bacteriostatic - of or relating to or causing bacteriostasisbacteriostatic - of or relating to or causing bacteriostasis


a. bacteriostático-a, que detiene el desarrollo o multiplicación de bacterias.
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Smid, "S-carvone as a natural potato sprout inhibiting, fungistatic and bacteristatic compound," Industrial Crops and Products, vol.
Another agent active against VRE is a semisynthetic glycopeptide designated LY333328, which demonstrates bactericidal as well as bacteristatic activity against enterococci (69).
(2000a) observed a form of chemical ripening in the egg masses of Dicathais orbita where the toxic compound tyrindoleninone is converted into tyriverdin, a bacteristatic compound that is then converted into Tyrian purple at the time of hatching and has no antibiotic property.