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Noun1.bad check - a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient fundsbad check - a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds; "issuing a bad check is a form of larceny"
bank check, check, cheque - a written order directing a bank to pay money; "he paid all his bills by check"
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22 also does not make a distinction as to whether the bad check is issued in payment of an obligation.
CSL also acts as a second layer in the bad check recovery process.
Partnerships between prosecutors and debt collectors who operate bad check restitution programs on their behalf persist in Maryland despite criticism from consumer advocates and a sharp decline in the number of cases as check use becomes increasingly rare.
Burley said he would deposit fraudulent checks into the undercover investigator's account and then would withdraw money before the bank could detect the bad check. Burley said he would split the money gained from the fraudulent withdrawals.
was also wanted for writing a bad check. The illegal practice of celebratory gunfire has led to several deaths in recent years and is most common at celebrations or funerals.
Creditors familiar with bad check writers in the past are now finding more rejections of EFT and ACH transactions because of insufficient funds, especially in high-turn/frequent-delivery industries related to food products and other perishables.
It came back as a bad check, and the credit union wants us to pay it back.
LOCAL AND STATE PROSECUTORS' OFFICES often offer bad check diversion programs to people accused of writing bad checks as a way for the individual to avoid criminal prosecution.
Karim's bad check bonanaza's sometimes went to extremes, with one check being in the sum of 2 million Egyptian pounds.
The Internet crooks who bilked him out of thousands of dollars won't be sitting on the other side of the courtroom, but lawyers for the bank that reached into his trust account, taking money Stok said belonged to his clients to cover the STOK bad check, will be.