bad fairy

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Noun1.bad fairy - a fairy that tends to cause harmbad fairy - a fairy that tends to cause harm  
evil spirit - a spirit tending to cause harm
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She was still in a sinister mood, and the miracle took in her mind a character of unfriendliness and fear, as if the fairy were decidedly a bad fairy. The sun upon the glittering garden depressed her more than the darkness, but she continued to stare at it.
It was just that a bad fairy seemed to have cast a dark spell on the team from season opening onwards.
The good fairies wore beautiful costumes and bad fairy Carabosse wore a dark, devilish outfit and had nasty spats with his sidekick Spindleshanks the cat.
The bad fairy at the party, heard but unseen, is the policeman Oscar Peluchonneau (Gael Garcia Bernal), who will be charged with Neruda's capture.
She hit out at her portrayal as a "bad fairy" for cautioning on the effects of technologies such as computer games, the internet and social media on the brain, comparing it with the reaction to detractors of smoking in the 1950s.
Like the bad fairy who wasn't invited to the party, Piers just wanted to spread poison, but nothing will put our football team to sleep now.
But the bad fairy at the party is Saturn, who puts a family member in there, waiting for their chance to put a dampener on proceedings.
The prawn cocktail or soup of the day to a hearty feast of Yuletide entertainment was the bad fairy in the box- Miss Rory.
Maleficent is a new take on the Brothers Grimm story of Sleeping Beauty, with the bad fairy centre stage.
Here, it begins with the bad fairy Carabosse (the terrific Wendy Somerville) cursing Beauty who has suddenly become 18 (well, it's pantoland I suppose so time-slips are part of the seasonal game).
Dress as a creepy bad fairy. Find a dark dress and striped tights and ballet flats.