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 (băd′ăs′) Vulgar Slang
A mean-tempered or belligerent person.
Mean; belligerent.

[bad + ass.]


a tough or aggressive person: the meanest badass in town.
1. tough or aggressive: a badass rock band.
2. excellent: a real badass watch.


Slang: Usu. Vulgar. adj.
1. mean-tempered.
2. a mean-tempered troublemaker.
Also, bad′assed`.
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There's nothing but badass women protecting the king, they're so badass,' said Padda Saturday at Filoil Flying V Centre.
He is seen romancing the ladies with panache while upholding his badass 'James Bond of the street' avatar.
Lupita took to her Twitter account to express her utter delight and exasperation that she couldn't buy tickets to the movie in which she stars as Nakia, a badass Wakandan warrior who moonlights as a super spy.
Thanks for being such a badass and one of the strongest people in the universe.
Sherry Stanfa-Stanley; FINDING MY BADASS SELF; She Writes Press (Fiction: Humor) 16.
If you're ready to ditch your long gun and start hunting like a western badass, consider going big or going home.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson admitted that he was initially creeped out by the badass meme.
The former Mr Selfridge star plays badass physics teacher Miss Quill, who fights against an evil force called Shadow Kin.
Last year, Tara - who declares herself a feminist on her Instagram profile - set up a global network for "young and badass women" in "urban cities", with friends in Berlin, Stockholm, New York and London.
My male friend went for the meat board with badass brisket and Memphis hog butt (you get to choose two meats) along with potato and sweet potato fries.
This week on Unorthodox: America's most badass Supreme Court Justice and TV's most visible rabbi.