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past tense of bid: She bade him goodbye for the last time.
Not to be confused with:
bad – not good: bad luck; wicked; defective: a bad part; unsound; false; disobedient: Bad dog!


 (băd, bād)
A past tense of bid.


(bæd; beɪd) or


past tense of bid



v. bade bid, bid•den bid, bid•ding, v.t.
1. to command; order; direct: to bid them depart.
2. to say as a greeting, wish, etc.: to bid good night.
3. to offer (a certain sum) as the price one will charge or pay: They bid $25,000 and got the contract.
4. to enter a bid of (a given quantity or suit at cards).
5. to offer or declare: to bid defiance.
6. to invite.
7. to command; order; direct: Do as I bid.
8. to make a bid.
9. bid up, to increase the market price of by increasing bids.
10. an act or instance of bidding.
a. an offer to make a specified number of points or to take a specified number of card tricks.
b. the amount of such an offer.
c. the turn of a person to bid.
12. an invitation: a bid to join a club.
13. an attempt to attain some goal or purpose.
14. the highest price a prospective buyer is willing to pay for a security during a trading period.
bid fair, to seem likely.
[before 900; Middle English bidden, Old English biddan to beg]
bid′der, n.


(in prescriptions) twice a day.
[< Latin bis in diē]
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Noun1.bade - a Chadic language spoken in northern NigeriaBade - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria
West Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in northern Nigeria; Hausa in the most important member
References in classic literature ?
However, she prepared supper, and bade Aladdin seek his uncle, who came laden with wine and fruit.
The King gave him leave to come and to go, but bade him not stay longer than three days at Sherwood.
Here I called softly to Friday, and showing him a great tree which was just at the corner of the wood, I bade him go to the tree, and bring me word if he could see there plainly what they were doing.