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n. Slang
Unclear, wordy jargon; gobbledygook.

[baffle + gab (coined in 1952 by Milton A. Smith, assistant general counsel for the United States Chamber of Commerce).]
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informal deliberately obscure language employed in official documents
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His most recent work, The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World is a mish-mash of economics, history, politics, and philosophy with a dose of bafflegab. The underlying premise is the usual, that the U.S.
Contrary to all the political bafflegab after ceasing operations in Kandahar Province and face-saving efforts with the NATO Training Mission, we succumbed to the will of our adversary.
This was just a variation on the minimum tax return gambit; Smith's letter was "bafflegab and sophistry".
Tuning government bafflegab into plain speak increases the potential of media pick-up which in turn performs a civic education function.
A dazzling production was put on here in Edmonton last year by the Studio Theatre at the University of Alberta, which revelled in the zany plot and was truly relished by those of us who have worked as civil servants and shaken our heads at bafflegab masquerading as communication.
To my mind, writing accessibly for a wide audience doesn't require restricting myself to short sentences containing words of fewer than three syllables, but rather giving credit to the reader's intelligence while writing clear, lively and grammatically correct prose without recourse to intellectual bafflegab and arcane references.
Among the others are nonsense and codswallop, bunkum, hooey, humbug, bafflegab, chicanery and duplicity.
A couple of years ago, after I had been following the controversy for several years, I found myself listening to a long lecture by a Darwinist, replete with bafflegab and pretty lame examples.
Signals of value were replaced by bureaucratic bafflegab and propaganda.
If you let it creep up on you, then suddenly you're having to memorise a lot of scientific bafflegab five seconds before you go on set."
It may sound like a load of abba-dabba, or ackamaracka and bafflegab to you, like someone's been on the old Bahama hooter [marijuana cigarette], but listen up--this King Farouk [book] is one daddy-come-to-church [an unusual event]!
At the award ceremony, to the audience's perplexity, the professional bafflegab artist Professor Irwin Corey accepted the award for, or maybe as, Pynchon, and launched into a semicoherent leg-pulling speech that began, "However ...