bag of waters

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bag of waters



(ˈæm ni ən)

n., pl. -ni•ons, -ni•a (-ni ə)
the innermost membrane of the sac surrounding the embryo in reptiles, birds, and mammals, enclosing the amniotic fluid.
[1660–70; < Greek amníon, derivative of amnós lamb (see yean)]
am`ni•ot′ic (-ˈɒt ɪk) am`ni•on′ic, adj.
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When the bag of water breaks, the risk for cord accidents and infection increases.
At 3:48 PM, after almost two hours of pushing, the baby emerged and broke the bag of waters as he did.
Korte also lists nine questionable childbirth procedures performed in hospital (breaking the bag of waters, IVs, epidurals) which often lead to a C-section, and advises women to refuse treatment they find objectionable.