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Adj.1.bag-shaped - shaped like a bag
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Bag-shaped cover "veil" and shutter for the face "rubend"were the important parts of the costume, which women wore while going out.
Bag-shaped water bottles 8 We all carry a water bottle in our bag, even if it's the wrong shape and we have to squidge it in.
The shopping bag-shaped logo, which is available in black-and-white and color formats, is being sent to chambers of commerce for distribution.
Crawford recently exhibited five clay plaques and 22 pots and bag-shaped vessels at the Latino Arts Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US.
I'm sure he'd never dare say the same to a male Muslim cleric, the Pope, or the Archbishop of Canterbury, all of whom have been known to wear bag-shaped costumes from another century.
Like their human counterparts, feline lungs are bag-shaped, elastic organs, two in number, located on either side of the heart and occupying most of the space in the chest cavity.
Its bag-shaped grip is finely checkered and terminates in a fashionable silver lion's-head buttcap.