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Noun1.Baguet - narrow French stick loafbaguet - narrow French stick loaf    
French bread - a crusty sourdough bread often baked in long slender tapered loaves or baguettes
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The first three African-American mayors of New Orleans in the post-civil rights era and New York Times executive editor Dean Baguet were products of the Seventh Ward.
Yves Baguet, Managing Director Clearstream IT, Chief Information Officer of Clearstream and member of the Executive Board, said: The launch of our user-friendly, screen-based connectivity solution, starting with collateral management services, is the first milestone on our journey towards an integrated and harmonised customer connectivity solution for all our services.
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In a retrospective series of 41 patients Baguet et al found that only 24% of patients presented with typical symptoms of palpitations and sweating, and 49% were diagnosed incidentally.
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