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1. A long narrow loaf of French bread.
a. A gem cut in the form of a narrow rectangle.
b. The form of such a gem.
3. Architecture A narrow convex molding.
4. A shallow rectangular handbag.

[French, rod, from Italian bacchetta, diminutive of bacchio, rod, from Latin baculum, stick; see bak- in Indo-European roots.]


(bæˈɡɛt) or


1. (Cookery) a narrow French stick loaf
2. (Jewellery) a small gem cut as a long rectangle
3. the shape of such a gem
4. (Architecture) architect a small moulding having a semicircular cross section
[C18: from French, from Italian bacchetta a little stick, from bacchio rod, from Latin baculum walking stick]


or ba•guet


a. a narrow rectangular shape given to a small gem, esp. a diamond, by cutting and polishing.
b. a gem having this shape.
2. a small convex molding, esp. one of semicircular section.
3. a long, narrow loaf of French bread.
[1720–30; < French < Italian bacchetta little stick]


- Means "little rod" and is derived from Latin baculum, "staff, stick."
See also related terms for staff.
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Noun1.baguette - narrow French stick loafbaguette - narrow French stick loaf    
French bread - a crusty sourdough bread often baked in long slender tapered loaves or baguettes
banh mì


[bæˈget] Nbaguette f, barrita f de pan


[bæˈgɛt] n (= French stick) → baguette f


nBaguette f or nt, → Stangenbrot nt
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all for the same inexpensive price, allows you to create your own variations from their amazing range of mouth-watering fillings to complete your freshly baked on the premises baguettes or paninis, wraps, sandwiches, baked potatoes, toasties and salad boxes.
BLUNDERING school catering staff fed bacon to Muslim pupils who thought they were eating halal chicken baguettes and sandwiches.
CONSUMERS CAN ADD A SLICE OF WHIMSY AND PRACTICALITY TO THEIR KITCHEN TOOLS ASSORTMENT with the new Kuhn Rikon Baguette Knife Colon, designed to make clean and easy cuts through crusty baguettes and other French breads.
The market price for filled baguettes is under severe pressure, especially in Germany," said Peder Christensen, director of Lantmannen Unibake Germany.
Favourites are minted lamb baguettes, steak baguettes, and paninis.
Serves 10 INGREDIENTS 140g sausage salami, sliced very thinly 140g duck pate 50g salted butter 20ml Amaretto liquer 50g pistachios 20ml olive oil 70g chicory Baguettes METHOD Slice baguette into ten thin slices, rub with garlic flavoured olive oil and place on a baking tray.
Last year, I asked myself the question, and then answered, with, "I would like a beautiful cruiser bike, like the girls all waft around on along the beaches of California, etched with hibiscus flowers, sporting a nice shiny bell, and with a basket on the front for my baguettes.
Give your Country Choice baguettes impeccable credentials by packing them in a tray embossed with a "handmade in store" message.
The Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap is the latest addition to Greggs' range of freshly prepared sandwiches, baguettes and wraps which already includes the recently launched Coronation Chicken Xtra Bite and the new Chicken Pesto baguette.
Tesco Homebake Half Baguettes, four pack, pounds 1.
Breakfast baguettes and snacks are served at seat in first class and are available to all passengers from the mm's bar.
Matthew Wilson, head of marketing, says: "We wanted to launch a range of convenient but high-quality baguettes that con be enjoyed as a quick snack or as an easy meal solution for the whole family.