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or bi·dar·ka  (bī-där′kə)
A one- or two-hole kayak used by the Aleut and various Alaskan Eskimo groups.

[Russian baĭdarka, diminutive of baĭdara, large boat made of walrus skin over a wooden frame, perhaps akin to Russian baĭdak, rowboat, skiff, piece of wood of a certain thickness, from Old Russian baĭdakŭ.]
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a type of narrow hunting boat, similar to a kayak, made of sealskin and used by inhabitants of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands
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The necessity of this step was dictated both by political considerations (securing for Russia this area of the American coast) and by economic considerations: a base for rest and equipping baidarka flotillas was necessary for Russia after advancing south into the straits of the Alexander Archipelago, rich in sea otters.
They also built traditional baidarka boats and skin drums, remove tons of sea-borne debris from beaches, explore the island, learn Aleut songs, listen to ancient stories populated with spirits, and eat seal dishes prepared by the elders.
Arima also reconstructed an ancient high-speed kayak (baidarka).
Baidarka Corp., established in 1991 as a construction company, posted a loss of over $1 million in 1993, and concerned Aleut management decided to change the direction of this wholly owned subsidiary to take better advantage of its 8(a) certification.
The arrow becomes embedded in the beluga, which quickly thrashes off; the bladder shows its location; another fisherman in a baidarka pursues it, grabs the cord, stabs the beluga several times and pushes the dead creature ashore ...
Construction firm Baidarka Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, also established in 1991, lost $370,000 due to large overhead costs.
Baidarka Corp., a construction company acquired in 1990, has not yet produced a profit, but cost-cutting measures kept losses ($374,000) to less than what had been predicted.
acquired Baidarka Corp., a construction company, and Space Mark Inc., a firm providing technical consulting services for federal government operations and for maintenance contracting.
Baidarka is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Aleut Corporation, a regional Native corporation.
formed a new subsidiary, Baidarka Corp., to provide construction and construction-related services.
From Kodiak Island, Baranov assembled large numbers of Aleuts to launch their baidarkas (sea kayaks) in search of sea otters.