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A person with whom property is left for safekeeping.


(Law) contract law a person to whom the possession of goods is transferred under a bailment



a person to whom personal property is delivered in bailment.
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Noun1.bailee - the agent to whom property involved in a bailment is delivered
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations


n (Jur) → Depositar(in) m(f) (einer beweglichen Sache), (treuhänderische(r)) → Verwahrer(in) m(f)
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Surviving family members include three sons, Terry (Pam) Kingston of Harrisburg, Joel (Judy) Kingston of Harrisburg and Mark Kingston of Harrisburg; three grandchildren, Michael Kingston, Jenna Kingston and Lucas Emmons; a great-grandchild, Bailee Kingston; and sisters-in-law Beverly Thomas and Frances Thomas.
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An unpaid goods seller can stop delivery of goods in its possession, in transit, or held by a third-party bailee (such as a warehouse).
The Christmas Dragon" is a production of Arrowstorm Entertainment and Mainstay Productions and stars Bailee Johnson ("127 Hours"), Jake Stormoen ("Mythica"), Melanie Stone ("Mythica"), Ruby Jones, Paris Warner, David De Villiers, Jacob Buster, Adam Johnson ("Veronica Mars", "Dexter"), and Eve Mauro ("The Shadow Cabal").
Hong Kong's Bailee Brianna Brown ruled the girls' division in 48:52.
The principal legal issues are therefore likely to be whether the incoming possessor is an involuntary bailee and, if so, what are his/her obligations.
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