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1. A Scottish municipal officer corresponding to an English alderman.
2. Obsolete A bailiff.

[Middle English baillie, town official, from Old French, variant of baillis; see bailiff.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Scotland) a municipal magistrate
2. (Professions) an obsolete or dialect spelling of bailiff
[C13: from Old French bailli, from earlier baillif bailiff]


(ˈbeɪ li)

1. (in Scotland) a municipal officer or magistrate.
2. Obs. bailiff.
[1250–1300; Middle English baillie < Old French bailli, variant of baillif bailiff]
References in classic literature ?
One night, within four-and-twenty hours of the time when he had settled to take shipping for London, my uncle supped at the house of a very old friend of his, a Bailie Mac something and four syllables after it, who lived in the old town of Edinburgh.
I'm privileged to have this opportunity to lead an institution that is rapidly becoming the intellectual home for the new social science of restorative practices and improving civil society around the world," said Bailie.
It took Down just six minutes to score 2-2, with goals coming from Caolan Bailie and man of the match Toner (above) finding the back of the net.
Recent funding from FedNor, the Greenbelt Fund, and the Local Food Fund will now allow it to expand its operations, something Eat Local's managing director, Peggy Bailie, said is needed to meet demand for local food across the northeast region.
Rhian Jackson, prosecuting at Prestatyn magistrates, said that on September 14 a police officer followed Lee Bailie as he drove his van through Bodelwyddan and decided to carry out a spot-check.
Finham Park head Mark Bailie said: "Detailed plans are still being discussed at this stage but we believe our proposal for a new secondary academy will provide a unique and exciting opportunity for more students to benefit from some of the best education in the West Midlands.
Presented by Dallas Market Center and the Accessories Resource Team, the evening kicked off with the Academy of Achievement Award, which was presented to the founders of the ART organization: Gil Bailie, Eric Bauer, Ralph Chancey, Henry Goldman and Harvey Hollingsworth.
When Paul Bailie submitted the thought (and heart)-provoking reflections you will read in this edition of Preaching Helps, he quipped that it was a bit of a "psychosomatic disconnect" to be sending in reflections on Advent when the temperatures were over 100 degrees.
Roy Bailie OBE formally retired as a Director of UTV Media plc at
Bailie Hanzala Malik, Member Scottish Parliament played key role in arranging donation of fire tenders from the UK.
Linfield legend Bailie hung up his boots yesterday after a frustrating farewell appearance in the JJB Sports Irish Cup final against Crusaders.
Bailie has been charged with malicious libel, and Garrow is determined to see him walk free.