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A rescue from financial difficulties: a government bailout of a corporation.


1. (Currencies) an act of bailing out, usually by the government, of a failing institution or business



1. the act of parachuting from an aircraft.
2. a rescue from financial distress.
rescaterescate financierosuministro de escapada


n (Econ) → Sanierung f; bailout planSanierungsplan m
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Former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin today said that the practice of government bailouts is necessary if it is done in the interest of the people.
'PPP went to the IMF for bailouts seven times but they never took the parliament on board', he claimed, 'they never brought the details of bailout packages in the parliament', he added.
Of course, this is not an argument to raise the amount set aside for the bailout. On the contrary, the history of PIA's mounting losses, its skyrocketing debt, and repeated bailouts should give the government pause.
Not only would that have resulted in dominos of sighs across the country, the three magical words last IMF loan would've categorically addressed the gravest economic concern facing the country as things stand: the number of IMF bailouts.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hailed the end of a "modern-day Odyssey" on Tuesday after Greece emerged from nine years of bailouts, saying it should never forget the harsh lessons learned under tight financial supervision by its creditors.
The IMF, which took part in Greece's two previous bailouts, has long insisted that more debt relief be part of a deal.
If this issue raises its head and you also have state bailouts of the banking sector, it becomes a vicious circle.
The FSOC and the OLA are two of the most egregious provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act, and are counterproductive to ending both taxpayer bailouts for banks and so-called Too Big To Fail.' Bailouts, and the potential for bailouts, undermine market discipline and unfairly put America's taxpayers on the hook for WallStreet's mistakes.
While the bailouts helped end the financial crisis, they were intensely controversial at the time, and were marred by the ad hoc, politicized quality of the government intervention.
Germany has been the largest single contributor to Greece's bailouts but it has taken a hard line, insisting on stringent spending cuts and tax hikes in return.
Germany has been the largest single contributor to Greece's bailouts. It has taken a hard line, insisting on stringent spending cuts and tax hikes in return.
The lenders have issued two bailouts for Greece since 2010.