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En plus, le protocole du baisemain est un acte mutuel qui reflete le principe d'egalite entre les adherents.
A baisemain is a kiss on the hand, a cataglottism means a lascivious kiss, to deosculate is to kiss affectionately and to exosculate is to kiss heartily.
The eighteenth century, argues Alain Montandon in the preface to this collection of essays, is the century of the kiss in all its forms, from the strictly codified social practice of the 'baisemain' to the snatched embraces of the libertines in hidden corners and secluded gardens.
Yesterday, however, Alec, the present head of the family dynasty, was charm personified, even kissing the Queen's hand in a baisemain - a breach of royal protocol but a traditional sign of reverence in French society - on accepting the coveted gold trophy.
This was a culture that celebrated the "arts" of studied behavior:mannered conversation, baisemain seduction, graceful athleticism (thus fencing), and an aestheticism based on the refined contemplation of art objects.