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(ˈbaɪ zɑ)

n., pl. -zas, -za.
a monetary unit of Oman, equal to 1/1000 of the rial.
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Noun1.baiza - 1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman
Omani monetary unit - monetary unit in Oman
Omani rial, riyal-omani, rial - the basic unit of money in Oman
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In case of more than one passenger, customer will have to share the metre amount and 50 baiza will be charged per minute for waiting." Officials added that should a taxi driver fail to turn on the metre, the ride will be deemed free and customers will not have to pay a fee.
Children category 13-15 - 'Salapi' by Genelyn Lambon, Al-Basir Samson and Jenard Baiza of ERDA Foundation Lingap Pangkabataan of DSWD
Through its IPO, Arabia Falcon Insurance is offering 25mn shares at an offer price of 190 baiza per share (comprising a nominal value of 100 baiza per share, premium of 88 baiza and offer expenses of 2 baiza per share).
Al segundo grupo pertenecian los gitanismos baiza 'mano' (en Salillas 2/1896 baste 'mano'), catirro(s) 'golpes' (en Salillas 2/1896 cate 'bofetada'),frajo 'cigarro' (en Salillas 2/1896 trajandil 'cigarro puro') y marro 'pan de la calle' (en Salillas 2/1896 manrro 'pan') que en ambos argots tenian variantes formales diferentes, pero las raices comunes son innegables.
As for Al Ahlia Insurance Company, the IPO will continue until the 2nd of August 2017 at an offer price of 300 Baiza.
"I regret now coming," he said, adding that he can't even afford to eat some days, even though a cheap meal costs only 700 Baiza.
Haensch S./Rolle v./ Trichogonia ardentula Breddin; 1 type [male]: same data except Baiza.
Baiza y colaboradores (16) senalan que la mejoria de los signos y sintomas puede variar segun la concentracion de la ciclosporina.
"What the Maldives has going for them is the fact that they're not as regulated as Sri Lanka or Pakistan," Baiza Bain, a Director at Islamic finance consultancy Amanie Advisors Pty Ltd., told Bloomberg.
Eleven crewmen, including its chief mate, Celso Rey Baiza, were rescued by a passenger ship as their raft drifted near Lobo, Batangas, late Thursday.
This is a common sight in many traffic junctions in the city, particularly in places like Ruwi where there is a hub of baiza cabs.