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(ˈbaɪ zɑ)

n., pl. -zas, -za.
a monetary unit of Oman, equal to 1/1000 of the rial.
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Noun1.baiza - 1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman
Omani monetary unit - monetary unit in Oman
Omani rial, riyal-omani, rial - the basic unit of money in Oman
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The prices of M91, M95, and diesel fuel have gone down by nine baizas each for September, Shell Oman announced on Saturday.
For just OMR 3 per month, postpaid customers can stream endless music without affecting their data plan, while prepaid customers can enjoy this service for only 200 Baizas per day.
OMR5 for Omanis for an overnight stay, OMR10 for non-Omanis, 100 baizas for Omani children under 16, OMR1 for non-Omani children for daytime visit, OMR1 for overnight stay for Omani children, OMR5 for non-Omani children for an overnight stay." The fees are not applicable to military members, government officials, and academic researchers during official duty, or for residents of the reserve and their first-degree relatives.
Like a human crossword puzzle, try and figure out how, why, and in what manner, directly or indirectly, have the following personalities been 'associated' with each other: Baby Araneta Fores, Chona and Hans Kasten, Tingting Cojuangco, Raffy Prieto, Luz Puyat Martel, Geny and Chita Lopez, Chingbee and Dinny Manotoc, Erlinda Kalaw Ilusorio, Nene and Joe Guevara, Nene and Pinggot Perez, Mark Roces, Eva Macapal, Vina and Luis Gonzales and Chit Baizas.
Chairman of Bank Sohar, Mohammed Mahfoudh Saad Al- Ardhi in his report to the shareholders stated that the bank recorded a net profit of RO25.331mn and the board of directors recommended a cash dividend of 5 per cent for the year, which corresponds to 5 baizas per share, and bonus shares of 10 per cent, i.e.
Baiza 'mano' (Ramos i Duarte 1895: 'La mano'; Amor 2014 [1947]: Manos 'Vaisas'; Aguilar 1941: baizas 'manos'; Chabat 1964: baisas 'manos'; Colin 1991: baisa(s) 'mano, manos'; DA: Mx, ES.
Oman National Engineering and Investment share was the top gainer, closing at 153 baizas, up by 21.4 percent.
At its meeting held on 27 July 2016, the Board of Directors of the Bank approved a Rights Issue of an amount up to OMR 40 million at an issue price of 200 baizas per share (consisting of a nominal value of 100 baizas, a premium of 98 baizas, plus issue expenses of two baizas).
Bank Sohar listed on Muscat Stock Exchange said on Monday it has approved a rights issue price of 173 baizas (Dh1,65) per share plus issue costs of 2 baizas per share, taking the total to 175 baizas per share.
The books at this year's sale are available from between a few hundred baizas to up to RO3, depending on the quality and nature of the read.
113 baizas is the sale price per bond, which is issued at 102 baiza, according to a statement issued by Renaissance Services.
For only 300 Baizas ($0.007) a week, customers can select one genre from a list of six popular categories.