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Noun1.baked egg - egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekinbaked egg - egg cooked individually in cream or butter in a small ramekin
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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The delicious treat contains thin layers of Lorne sausage, haggis, potato scone and black pudding, topped off with a perfectly baked egg sprinkled with pieces of bacon.
It already has this award for its baked egg custard.
LOS ANGELES--Children who pass oral food challenges to baked egg and milk with wheat flour are at risk for reacting to baked goods made with nonwheat flours, according to a review of more than 200 pediatric food challenges at National Jewish Health in Denver.
You won't find a baked egg in a bowl in her house, no way
Meijer posts breakfast recipes for those meals on its website and on the popular Pinterest recipe-sharing site, with ideas and photos of dishes like Cheesy Baked Egg Toast, Orange "n Spice Overnight Oatmeal and Kiwi Banana Smoothie.
And that's how I think of this egg roulade, which wraps a souffle-like sheet of baked egg around a savory filling of prosciutto, spinach and cheese.
We see lots of children with an egg allergy here, and in some we see if they can tolerate baked egg by doing a cake challenge.
Dietary introduction of baked egg by an allergist can broaden a child's diet, improve quality of life and likely accelerate the development of an egg tolerance," she suggested.
900 which featured Zetoon Parvardeh -- olives, walnuts, herbs and pomegranate -- and my favourite Mirza Qasmi, a warm puree of baked egg plants served with onions, garlic, tomato, eggs and seeds with cilantro leaves, amongst others.
A home baked egg hopper supposed to be Sir John's favorite or a piece of kiribath SWRD's much loved delicacy?
THESE baked egg and ham cheese pots are so simple to make and even easier to eat.
Instead of chocolate eggs, diners for Easter Sunday lunch can enjoy baked egg custard with chocolate sauce as one of the desserts on the Easter lunch menu.