baker's dozen

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bak·er's dozen

A group of 13.

[From the former custom among bakers of adding an extra roll as a safeguard against the possibility of 12 weighing light.]

baker's dozen

(Units) thirteen
[C16: from the bakers' former practice of giving thirteen rolls where twelve were requested, to protect themselves against accusations of giving light weight]

bak′er's doz′en

a group of 13; a dozen plus one.

baker's dozen

1. Thirteen items; from a former practice by bakers of giving a free thirteenth roll or loaf to a customer who bought a dozen.
2. An amount of 13.
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Noun1.baker's dozen - the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and onebaker's dozen - the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and one
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
References in classic literature ?
Give me a baker's dozen of minutes with it and it shall pleasure me to crack that pate of yours for your sauciness
No, indeed; I never care to hatch eggs unless I've a nice snug nest, in some quiet place, with a baker's dozen of eggs under me.
Karen takes home our big prize: a baker's dozen of books published by the University of Texas Press valued at more than $500.
Nicky Henderson could supply a baker's dozen singlehanded.
This month, MCB penforms the company premiere of Tharp's jazzy Baker's Dozen and dives into Balanchine's sassy Western Symphony.
Chef Anthony Byers, 39, was working at the Baker's Dozen pub and restaurant, in Netherton, when he pinched his workmate Michael Brown's credit cards.
Creative Crossfire:The second in a new series of books features a well-known Harvard psychologist and a baker's dozen of his thoughtful critics.
The new bakery will bring his total number of staff to a baker's dozen.
The Baker's Dozen Giveaway has helped 13 charities and not-for-profit organisations get off to a positive start in 2009.
Congratulations to a baker's dozen of worthy Canadians who have been awarded the Minister of Veterans Affairs Award for their services to the care and well-being of veterans in their communities.
Free prescriptions filled under this program do not contribute as credits towards a Martin's Pharmacy Baker's Dozen card.
IT was a case of lucky 13 for Linthwaite who hammered a baker's dozen past luckless Northowram in the first round of the Under 16 Cup.