baker's dozen

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bak·er's dozen

A group of 13.

[From the former custom among bakers of adding an extra roll as a safeguard against the possibility of 12 weighing light.]
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baker's dozen

(Units) thirteen
[C16: from the bakers' former practice of giving thirteen rolls where twelve were requested, to protect themselves against accusations of giving light weight]
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bak′er's doz′en

a group of 13; a dozen plus one.
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baker's dozen

1. Thirteen items; from a former practice by bakers of giving a free thirteenth roll or loaf to a customer who bought a dozen.
2. An amount of 13.
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Noun1.baker's dozen - the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and onebaker's dozen - the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and one
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
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baker’s dozen

n13 (Stück)
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References in classic literature ?
Give me a baker's dozen of minutes with it and it shall pleasure me to crack that pate of yours for your sauciness!"
"No, indeed; I never care to hatch eggs unless I've a nice snug nest, in some quiet place, with a baker's dozen of eggs under me.
"A baker's dozen." Charlotte laughed, and the youth felt mortified.
The Baker's Dozen highlights the top recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers from hundreds of companies across the country.
By way of example, the first training we did using this format was "A Baker's Dozen on Practical Tips to Advance Women in Your Group." While some of the suggestions received from the survey of leaders were very basic actions that likely would not have made it onto a top 13 list we created (such as "I approved marketing funds for a woman on my team to attend a national conference"), we felt it was important to highlight even basic steps that some men were taking in supporting women.
and I had helped a baker's dozen of Oakland mutineers that Sonny led.
SINGAPORE, Sept 17, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Alexander Mann Solutions has been named the Market Leader of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in Asia Pacific by HRO Today, in its global Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey, an annual list of the top global RPO providers.
The Teapot and the bright mist of Milky Way "steam" rising from its spout are so rich with deep-sky treasures (including a baker's dozen Messier objects), that it's little wonder that the rest of the constellation is often overlooked.
Much like the Gosselin and the Duggar family television programs, the Bakers--all thirteen of them--spent many years letting cameras film their every move, from births to adoptions and even to young Bonnie Baker's mental break that finally put the fictionalized reality TV show Baker's Dozen on hiatus.
Thirteen of their BB and pellet shooters have come together for the "Umarex Baker's Dozen Giveaway." The lucky winner of this package will receive the 13 guns listed below, as well as pellet and BB ammo and a Walther Competition II Point Sight.
This award-winning team has collaborated on three previous publications that are equally entrancing: "Stone Soup (9780874836028)"; "Contest Between the Sun and the Wind (9780874838329)"; and "The Baker's Dozen (9781939160706)".
Shoosmiths solicitors will be hoping it's lucky 13 on October 20, when its baker's dozen of runners tackle the Bupa Great Birmingham Run Business Challenge.