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 (bä′klə-vä′, bä′klə-vä′)
A dessert made of paper-thin layers of pastry, chopped nuts, and honey.

[Ultimately (partly via Greek and Armenian) from Ottoman Turkish, possibly colloquial alteration of baklavī, chain mail (perhaps because a tray of baklava cut into lozenges somewhat resembles chain mail), from Ottoman naval jargon bakla, chain link, from Ottoman Turkish bakla, fava bean (the oblong shape of a chain link being likened to that of a bean), from Arabic baqla, leguminous plant, from baqala, to sprout; akin to Akkadian baqālu, to malt, sprout, and Ge'ez baqwala, to sprout.]
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(ˈbɑːkləˌvɑː) or


(Cookery) a rich cake of Middle Eastern origin consisting of thin layers of pastry filled with nuts and honey
[from Turkish]
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(ˈbɑ kləˌvɑ, ˌbɑ kləˈvɑ)

a Greek and Middle Eastern pastry made of many layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of ground nuts, baked and drenched in honey.
[1815–25; < Turkish]
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Noun1.baklava - rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honeybaklava - rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey
pastry - any of various baked foods made of dough or batter
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Baklava - This is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo, and filled with chopped nuts, this delicacy is sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.
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In addition to the Eid feast, they also served Bosnian halva, and our women pilgrims did not find it difficult to bring some gourabia, locum, and baklava from Bosnia.
After dinner, unwind at the Greek Kafenio, where many traditional Greek sweets such as baklava and loukoumathes can be found.
One of the most common non-indigenous sweet is baklava; this sweet is popular in the Middle East and Central Asia and Turkey.
Whenever the holy month of Ramadan comes around, various images come to our minds, like Ramadan decorations, lanterns, meals, and desserts like konafeh, qatayef and baklava, which are some of the main dishes with a long history.
Summary: During Ramadan, our consumption of Kunafa, Baklava and Basbousa goes through the roof
I am incapable of resisting a piece of baklava for dessert, and having sampled this in plenty of places in Swansea I can report that the one I had in Shiraz is my favourite.
Not to mention cheese, sausages and the ultimate dessert of different kinds of Arabic sweets called baklava.
The dish that has piqued and pleased many palates is the lamb baklava. Typically a dessert, this version, which is an entree, has minced lamb and leeks in layers of crisp phyllo pastry.
We opted for the cheesecake (PS4.95) (which was honeycomb flavour, but the flavours change daily) and baklava (PS3.95).
An excellent read for children and adults, plus the addition of three special recipes--German Apple Cake, Pomeranian Lebkuchen and Syrian Baklava. Yum!