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A knitted cap covering the head and neck with an opening for the eyes or face, used as cold-weather gear especially by soldiers, mountain climbers, and skiers.

[After Balaklava.]


(ˌbæləˈklɑːvə) or

Balaclava helmet

(Clothing & Fashion) (often not capitals) a close-fitting woollen hood that covers the ears and neck, as originally worn by soldiers in the Crimean War
[C19: named after Balaklava]


(ˌbæl əˈklɑ və)

n., pl. -vas.
a knitted cap that covers the head, neck, and upper shoulders.
[1880–85; after Balaklava]
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Noun1.balaclava - a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the facebalaclava - a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face
cap - a tight-fitting headdress


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] N (also balaclava helmet) → pasamontañas m inv


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] n (= hat) → passe-montagne m; (child's)cagoule f


n (also Balaclava helmet)Kapuzenmütze f


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] n (also balaclava helmet) → passamontagna m inv
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One of the men was arrested but the other escaped and a holdall containing a shotgun, knife and a grey balaclava worn by the knifeman was discovered.
The lone thug, his face covered with a balaclava, brandished the pistol in front of the shocked guard and ordered him to hand over the takings.
Three men wearing balaclava hooded tops attacked a woman in Almondbury early today.
A man, wearing a balaclava, brandished a hammer at the terrified staff and demanded cash and escaped with an undisclosed amount.
A DNA profile found on a balaclava recovered at the scene led them to Ferguson.
One of the men wore his balaclava rolled up as a hat and is described as around 20-years-old with short blond hair and a mark, possibly a mole, on his left cheek.
We then drove the boy home to his parents and they agreed to hand the balaclava over.
One of the burglars got out and the victim pulled off his balaclava before he was threatened with a knife.
The first man was white, 6ft, and wore a dark balaclava with lighter stitching around the eye and mouth holes.
He was accosted by a man wearing a balaclava mask and brandishing a knife as he made collections from houses on behalf of a finance company.
The man was wearing a mask or balaclava and the girl managed to fight him off.
The second man was of stocky build, under 6ft tall, wearing a dark blue fleece, dark trousers, and a balaclava.