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A Russian musical instrument with a triangular body and three strings that produces sounds similar to those of a mandolin.

[Russian balalaĭka, alteration of earlier balabaĭka : bala-, onomatopoeia imitative of prattling talk (as in balagurit', to joke, jest (the balalaika traditionally being played to accompany singers of tales)) + baĭka, fantastic tale, anecdote (from bayat', to say speak, from Old Russian bayati; see bhā- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Instruments) a plucked musical instrument, usually having a triangular body and three strings: used chiefly for Russian folk music
[C18: from Russian]
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(ˌbæl əˈlaɪ kə)

n., pl. -kas.
a Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body and a guitarlike neck.
[1780–90; < Russian]
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Noun1.balalaika - a stringed instrument that has a triangular body and three stringsbalalaika - a stringed instrument that has a triangular body and three strings
chordophone - a stringed instrument of the group including harps, lutes, lyres, and zithers
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[ˌbæləˈlaɪkə] Nbalalaica f
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nBalalaika f
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All of a sudden there was a great uproar of shouting, singing and the balalaika, and from the tavern a number of big and very drunken peasants came out, wearing red and blue shirts and coats thrown over their shoulders.
Russian tradition is such wonderful things as making tea in a samovar, playing a balalaika, drinking vodka and singing old songs, eating borscht soup with sour cream, visiting a sauna, going to your dacha.
Trying to comfort him on the night of his mother's funeral, they fail, and Yuri finds comfort instead in the phantom music he imagines wafting from his mother's balalaika, as he stares intently at the red, triangular body of the instrument.
What shape is the body of the Russian stringed musical instrument the balalaika? 7.
The names of these fantastic musicians are: Ivan Kuznetsov who plays balalaika, Anastasia Zakharova who plays domra/domra alto, Alexander Tarasov who plays button accordion, and Ivan Vinogradov who plays balalaika contrabass.
It set out his stall for a programme that balanced perky, upbeat pieces including Tiritomba, Blaze Away, and a singalong Volare, with big anthems like You Raise Me Up, plaintive Russian melodies (it's not often you see a balalaika on the arena stage), and a trademark crescendo featuring Strauss's Blue Danube which saw the arena floor become a Strictly sea of waltzing.
Many have encountered the three-stringed, triangular-bodied balalaika. Worldly musicians might be able to tell you the difference between a piano accordion and its chromatic-buttoned cousin, the Russian bayan.
Mas quando, mais tarde, nas noites frias do curto Inverno macaense ou nas quentes e humidas do longo periodo estival, Igor agarrava na balalaika que salvara e cantara cancoes russas no seu quente baritono, ainda envolvente, os outros refugiados juntavam-se-lhe, faziam coro espontaneamente e recreavam por uns breves momentos, naquela little Russia de gheto, uma saudade da Patria tao distante, tao presente, tao viva, tao perdida [...] (CARVALHO, 2015, p.
And now Trump breaks bread with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a sit-down that European leaders have worried would allow Putin to play Trump like a balalaika. But if Europe wants to size up its biggest threat, it only needs to glance in the mirror.
City Centre Bahrain is hosting for the very first time colourful performances by traditional Russian dancers as well as accordion and balalaika musician performers, at the mall's Central Galleria, every day until Friday at 4pm, 5pm, 7pm and 8pm.
Well-loved bass player Richard Bona and his band (US); musician Aleksey Arkhipovskiy, who plays balalaika in a such a manner that it can imitate any instrument; kemenche player Mark Eliyahu (Israel) who is in the World Music Chart on SoundCloud; New York saxophonist Donny McCaslin (US) who worked on Blackstar, the final studio album by David Bowie; one of the most famous Russian jazzmen in the world Igor Butman and his quintet; the most promising jazzman Jacob Collier (UK) who became famous thanks to his YouTube videos, once noticed by the legendary Quincy Jones, and who has won two Grammys, will perform on Sberbank First Aristocrat stage.