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The nonelastic rubber obtained from the latex of the South American tree Manilkara bidentata. It was formerly used in the manufacture of golf-ball covers and machine belts.

[Latin American Spanish balatá, balata, of Carib origin.]


1. (Plants) a tropical American sapotaceous tree, Manilkara bidentata, yielding a latex-like sap
2. (Plants) a rubber-like gum obtained from this sap: used as a substitute for gutta-percha
[from American Spanish, of Carib origin]


(bəˈlɑ tə, ˈbæl ə tə)

n., pl. -tas.
1. bully tree.
2. a gum obtained from the latex of the bully tree, used in golf ball covers and machinery belts.
[1855–60; < American Spanish < Carib]
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Noun1.balata - when dried yields a hard substance used e.g. in golf ballsbalata - when dried yields a hard substance used e.g. in golf balls
balata tree, beefwood, bully tree, Manilkara bidentata, balata - a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
2.balata - a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timberbalata - a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber
balata, gutta balata - when dried yields a hard substance used e.g. in golf balls
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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