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A technique of coloring hair in which the stylist applies the color by hand to create natural-looking, graduated layers of highlights with a less apparent regrowth line than in traditional highlighting.

[French, a sweeping, balayage, from balayer, to sweep, from Middle French, from Old French balaier, from balai, besom, alteration (influenced by baloi-, stem of baloier, to move about agitatedly, from Late Latin ballāre, to dance; see ball2) of earlier Old French balain, either from Breton balazn, besom, or from Gaulish *balatno-, the broom plant (Cytisus scoparius), both Breton and Gaulish from earlier Celtic *banatlo-; see bhā in Indo-European roots.]


(Hairdressing & Grooming)
a. a technique for highlighting hair in which bleach or dye is painted onto sections of the hair with a brush
b. (as modifier): the balayage technique; the balayage look.
(Hairdressing & Grooming) to highlight hair by painting bleach or dye onto sections with a brush
[C20: from French, from balayer to sweep]
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About Shear Genius Salon: Shear Genius Salon is located in Norwalk, CT on Route 7 at the Norwalk Wilton line, offering men and women's haircuts, Deva haircuts, color, Balayage, and Keratin treatments.
The colour is a relaxed balayage with a mix of nonuniformed high and lowlights and the styling is kept simple.
BALAYAGE BLENDS Just when you thought Ombre had become Sombre, the super popular seamless trend continues with an even more refined Balayage Blend.
Due to the more aggressive color techniques that have been on trend in the past few years, such as balayage or ombre, in order to get rid of the frazzled bleached ends, I believe there is going to be a lot of people going shorter, to above the shoulders and also embracing the natural texture to let the hair rest from all of the heat styling tools.
Interroge sur les realisations du programme durant l'annee 2017, il a souligne que " des appels d'offres ont ete lances, en matiere de collecte des dechets menagers et de balayage manuel et ont permis d'engager plus de 700 ouvriers sur toute la Republique.
Dans le cas du populisme avance, bien que les references au passe ne fassent pas defaut, la tendance dominante est l'orientation prospective vers le changement, les reformes et le balayage de l'establishment elitiste, presente comme voulant preserver ses privileges historiques << acquis sur le dos du peuple >>.
Travaux de revtement bitumineux comprenant: installation repliement et scurit du chantier (1F), signalisation temporaire du chantier (1F), balayage et nettoyage de chausse ( 10 300 M2), couche d~imprgnation (30 M2), couche d~accrochage (10 300 M2), fourniture et mise en uvre BBSG 0/10 (1 453 T), transport des enrobs (50 kms de la centrale ( 1 453 T)), Engravures (12 ML), dcaissement (15 M3), GNT 0/20 (33 T), gotextile (30 M2), mise niveau des tampons et regards (10 U).
Palm painting is a progressive play on the balayage technique, allowing the colourists a 100% free hand," explains Toni & Guy international technical artistic director Georgie Mathers.
Balayage "Ombre": I like to use the "Balayage" technique to achieve an "ombre" look.