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n. pl. bal·co·nies
1. A platform that projects from the wall of a building and is surrounded by a railing, balustrade, or parapet.
2. A gallery that projects over the main floor in a theater or auditorium.

[Italian balcone, from Old Italian, scaffold, of Germanic origin.]

bal′co·nied (-nēd) adj.
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Adj.1.balconied - having balconies or a balconybalconied - having balconies or a balcony; "the balconied houses of New Orleans"
unbalconied - not having balconies
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A few of the windows were balconied, and these more than the others he sought to avoid, although, it being now near the close of the ninth zode, there was little likelihood that many were awake within the tower.
It was a modern building, without distinctive character, but many-windowed, and pleasantly balconied up its wide cream-coloured front.
The luxurious balconied rooms have fabulous views and W staff are friendly and efficient.
Three storeys high, it had five bays, a balconied front and was clad in stone, with a portico added in later years as part of a remodelling of the frontage.
After an hour or so wandering the quaint, colonial capital of Basseterre, with its balconied restaurants surrounding the famous mechanical clock in the town square, we headed ashore on the broad, bone-white expanse of Blackfriars' beach.
The English, who ruled the island in the 18th century, left their mark on the city - and this is nowhere more apparent than in the architecture of the old town, with its balconied townhouses boasting uniquely British sash windows.
The layered, balconied structure (designed with one eye on earthquake vulnerability) seems to emerge almost incidentally from the surrounding planting and then, at the next turn, disappears again.
The first floors would include a balconied lounge with views of the sea, as well as a study or playroom.
It looks over the Douro river to the Ribeira, old town, with its tumble of balconied pastel-hued houses dwarfed by the cathedral and ostentatious Episcopal Palace.
The 45-year-old balconied amphitheatre has always been a popular gathering place for conferences, festivals and headline acts like Colin James.
Balconied gardens will grow up the building along with a 300 square meter private garden for residents.
Inspired by Provence, they are enclaves of landscaped lawns skirting with balconied manors.