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A person whose head is bald. Also called baldpate.

bald′head′ed (-ĭd) adj.


a person with a bald head
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Noun1.baldhead - a person whose head is baldbaldhead - a person whose head is bald    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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"What got you into trouble?" says the baldhead to t'other chap.
"Dern your skin, ain't the company good enough for you?" says the baldhead, pretty pert and uppish.
"Drot your pore broken heart," says the baldhead; "what are you heaving your pore broken heart at US f'r?
They say "Go up, baldhead" to the prophet going his unoffending way in the gray of antiquity; they sass me in the holy gloom of the Middle Ages; and I had seen them act the same way in Buchanan's administration; I remember, because I was there and helped.
Little wonder, then, that Bob Marley crooned: 'I 'n' I build a cabin/ I 'n' I plant the corn/Didn't my people before me slave for this country/Now you look me with that scorn/Then you eat up all my corn/We gonna chase those crazy/Chase those crazy/Chase those crazy baldhead out of town/We build your penitentiary/We build your schools/Brainwash education to make us the fools/Hate is your reward for us' etc.
will present its 16th Annual Celebration of Life Cancer Awareness Event, taking place at The Plaza Arts Center located in Carrollton, Texas on July 21, 2019, Hosted by: Model J Marie Performances from Singers: Kenya Henry, Mokah Soulfly & Billy Mitchell, Comedian:Chicago's Own Baldhead Phillips, Rap Artist: CKB, Music by: DJ Boladi Speaker: Founder Monique Muhammad, dinner and a cash bar.
A Melbourne teenager, Will Connolly, cracked an egg on the baldhead of Australian Senator Fraser Anning while the media was interviewing the senator.
The lyrics of timeless protest songs like Redemption Song War Get Up, Stand Up and Crazy Baldhead have fired up social and political movements through the years and given voice to the disenfranchised around the world.Music was serious business, not pleasure, according to Marley.
A baldhead Aguirre, I would think, should be only proper; he is, after all, the justice secretary, expected to be more transparent, forthcoming without the sparsest cover.
What do you reckon Prince Charles would make of his 1976 song Crazy Baldhead? I suspect the 67-year-old heir to the throne would prefer wailing along to another Marley classics: "I don't want to wait in vain...."
The songs under dispute are Crazy Baldhead, Johnny Was, Natty Dread, Positive Vibration, Rat Race, Rebel Music (Road Block), Talking Blues, Them Belly Full, Want More, War, Who The Cap Fit and So Jah Seh.
The trip spans about 100 yards, from a dock near downtown Saugatuck to its landing spot across the river at Mount Baldhead Park.