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A person whose head is bald. Also called baldpate.

bald′head′ed (-ĭd) adj.


having a bald head


(ˈbɔldˌhɛd ɪd)

having a bald head.
References in classic literature ?
The hair on my trunk was soft and thick and youthful, when I got it ready for shipment in Hamburg; it was baldheaded when it reached Heidelberg.
Why don't she ever sing to me--as she does to that baldheaded man with the large teeth?
Sanmao, together with his baldheaded friend Xiano Laizi received grain unexpectedly from the entrepreneur Wu Zifu.
The court heard Mr Bailey and two police officers - a woman and a baldheaded sergeant - called to him to tell him to keep his eyes open.
In the song he recalls the moment when "that baldheaded brave little girl" was hounded from the stage: "Maybe she's crazy and maybe she ain't/But so was Picasso and so were the saints/She's never been partial to shackles or chains/She's too old for breakin' and too young to change.
As I leave, the baldheaded one has retreated beneath an awning, drawing heavily on his cigarette just as the first heavy specks of rain splatter the car park.
Oprah manned the point, first with her willingness to openly confront her weight issues and challenge women to take charge of their lives, and then by introducing the world to her baldheaded former jury consultant beau ideal.
Each sight gag is funny, but, of course, some are no more than one-liners--a baldheaded Mr.
Bears: Animals created by God to kill children who make fun of baldheaded men.
Just a glitch, a baldheaded male, I had travelled the West Midland system with a card that was issued to a Margaret Rutherford lookalike without turning a hair.