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1. See baldhead.
2. The wigeon of the Americas.

bald′pat′ed (-pā′tĭd) adj.


1. a person with a bald head
2. (Animals) the American wigeon. See wigeon2



1. a person with a bald head.
2. the American wigeon, Anas americana, having a gray head and a white crown.
bald′pat`ed, adj.
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Noun1.baldpate - a person whose head is baldbaldpate - a person whose head is bald    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.baldpate - a widgeon the male of which has a white crownbaldpate - a widgeon the male of which has a white crown
Anas penelope, widgeon, wigeon - freshwater duck of Eurasia and northern Africa related to mallards and teals
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Twenty-three long years in the high-pressure integrated marketing communications domain has not just given him the maturity and depth of experience, but also a baldpate.
Full of cliches borrowed from classic horrors, the action took place in the Welsh Baldpate Manor where Sebastian Grisbane (Cushing) and his brother Lionel (Price) returned to their ancestral home where their father (Carradine) and sister were still living.
The deal was announced on the same day the FTSE 100 energy services giant announced its PSN business has scored a contract to deliver operations and maintenance services to Hess Corporation's Baldpate production platform in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, under a new five-year agreement.
The film is likely to send chills down your spine, with Rawal playing a negative character and donning a baldpate.
Seven Keys to Baldpate, adapt; Joseph Hanreddy from George M.
The nasally dweeeeek of a drake mallard, the dink, dink-dink of a grey duck or the breathy whistle of a baldpate combined with the traditional quacks and chuckles of a Susie can be music to even the most jaded duck's ears.
The 30-inch diameter Garden Banks pipeline has a capacity of 1 Bcf/d and transports production originating from the Auger platform in Garden Banks Block 426, the Enchilada platform in Garden Banks Block 128, and the Baldpate platform in Garden Banks Block 260.
26) The aged Tom became such an identifiable stage type that a baldpate with white hair advertised in costume catalogs was known simply as an "Uncle Tom.
Let friars and nuns and baldpate priests, with triple crown of pope,
His most notable films in the 1930s were "Red Dust" with Clark Gable and Jean Harlow, "Ex-Lady" with Bette Davis, "Zoo in Budapest" with Loretta Young, "Sadie McKee" with Joan Crawford, "Brief Moment" with Carole Lombard and "Seven Keys to Baldpate.