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A belt, usually of ornamented leather, worn crossbody to support a sword or bugle.

[Middle English baudrik, ultimately (possibly via Middle High German balderich) from Old French baldrei, baudré, probably (via Germanic) from Latin balteus, belt, baldric; see belt.]


(ˈbɔːldrɪk) or


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a wide silk sash or leather belt worn over the right shoulder to the left hip for carrying a sword, etc
[C13: from Old French baudrei, of Frankish origin]


(ˈbɔl drɪk)

an often ornamented belt worn diagonally across the chest to support a sword or horn.
[1250–1300; Middle English bauderik, alter. of Anglo-French baudré, baldré, Old French baldrei (of obscure orig.)]
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Noun1.baldric - a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hipbaldric - a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip
belt - a band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist)
References in classic literature ?
It was D'Artagnan's sword, which, slipping from his baldric, had fallen on the sonorous flooring.
They were armed with crooked sabres, having the hilt and baldric inlaid with gold, and matched with Turkish daggers of yet more costly workmanship.
Many were the compliments and expressions of politeness that passed between Don Quixote and Don Fernando; but they were brought to an end by a traveller who at this moment entered the inn, and who seemed from his attire to be a Christian lately come from the country of the Moors, for he was dressed in a short-skirted coat of blue cloth with half-sleeves and without a collar; his breeches were also of blue cloth, and his cap of the same colour, and he wore yellow buskins and had a Moorish cutlass slung from a baldric across his breast.
On this he gave Ajax a silver-studded sword with its sheath and leathern baldric, and in return Ajax gave him a girdle dyed with purple.
In the rapid glance Alleyne saw that he had white doeskin gloves, a curling white feather in his flat velvet cap, and a broad gold, embroidered baldric across his bosom.
Too big for a youth, too small for a grown man, an experienced eye might have taken him for a farmer's son upon a journey had it not been for the long sword which, dangling from a leather baldric, hit against the calves of its owner as he walked, and against the rough side of his steed when he was on horseback.
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PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino identified the suspects as Bayani Malang, 53; Jireh Rose dela Cruz, 19; Marvin Canlas, 18; Abigail del Fiero y Baldric, 23, American citizen; Miko Canlas y Miranda, 18; Stephanie Gapuz, 27, American citizen; Exequiel Rodil Chu, 20; Jhaymar dela Cruz, 18; Anastacia Okonkwo, 22, Nigerian national; Ricky Perez, 18; Mark Joshua, 21; Niko Yumol, 21; and four minors.
The bag is essentially an envelope with a triangular flap suspended by a baldric (shoulder strap) worn over an opposite shoulder from where the bag is worn.
When, at the poem's end, Gawain displays the girdle and the scar on his neck as twin signs of his shame, and Camelot then adopts the girdle as its own device, we read that this green baldric "watz acorded [thorn]e renoun of [thorn]e Rounde Table, / And he honoured [thorn]at hit hade euermore after" ("became part of the renown of the Round Table, / And whoever afterwards wore it was always honoured" (2519-20)).
There is, however, a pronounced difference in that Baldric is much more sympathetic to the Christians of the East, and he makes his belief in a universal church central to his account.
This passage immediately evokes the memory of the baldric of Pallas described just as Turnus kills him Aen.