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bale 1

A large bundle of raw or finished material tightly bound with cord or wire and often wrapped: a bale of hay.
tr.v. baled, bal·ing, bales
To wrap in a bale or in bales: a machine that bales cotton.

[Middle English, from Old French; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

bal′er n.

bale 2

1. Evil: "Tidings of bale she brought" (William Cullen Bryant).
2. Mental suffering; anguish: "Relieve my spirit from the bale that bows it down" (Benjamin Disraeli).

[Middle English, from Old English bealu.]


(ˈbeɪlə) or

baling machine

(Agriculture) an agricultural machine for making bales of hay, etc

Hay baler

In the 1930s, a machine for pressing hay into compact rectangular bales. While some might be powered by an engine, most worked by using the power of a team of horses walking in a circle to ram hay into a horizontal rectangular guide until the desired weight was reached. These machines were stationary, so the hay had to be bought to them, usually on a Sweep rake. Later, the baler became mobile and followed the Windrow, picking up hay as it moved along. By the twenty-first century, hay bales were usually circular and might weigh as much as a ton.


[ˈbeɪləʳ] N (Agr) → empacadora f, enfardadora f
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A FORMER recycling company manager, locked up after a dad was crushed to death by a baling machine, has failed in a bid to get his conviction overturned.
The 24-year-old victim's right arm was caught in a baling machine, which is used to compress waste cardboard, while she worked at Poundworld in December 2013.
A RECYCLING firm has been fined PS80,000 more than three years after a father-of-six suffered fatal injuries in a "lethal" baling machine.
The company acquired a 30% interest ARL and the issued share capital of B/B, whose sole business was the operation of a horizontal baling machine for recycling, in February 2014.
The company said that, towards the end of 2014 it became clear that the operation of the baling machine was not going to be commercially viable for the company.
Failing to lockout the powered baling machine and assess the confined space properly are two of the violations that led to the fatality, according to the OSHA.
The Merseyside workers, who died include welder Robert Dunroe, 62, from New Ferry who was crushed to death driving a forklift truck at Cammell Laird Shipyard in August 2010; James Bibby, 25, and Thomas Elmer, 27 - from Rossendale, who were killed after being dragged into a machine at the Sonae chipboard factory in Kirkby in December 2010; Zbigniew Galka, 39, who died after suffering serious leg injuries caused by a baling machine at Gaskells Waste Services in Bootle.
Mr Mardling died after being pulled into a baler on August 29 last year at a farm near his home, while Mr Bennett was killed when he was struck by a part of a baling machine a month later on September 21 at a farm near Abbotts Bromley, Lichfield.
JOCKEY Joe Tizzard was lucky to escape with his life yesterday after being trapped in a baling machine and suffering head injuries while working on his brother-inlaw's farm near Sherborne in Dorset.
He had to undergo operations, including a bone graft, after using the cardboard baling machine at the store in Hall Green.
The cost-effective ODT package specially designed for use with Taylor's new V5100 form-fill-seal baling machine and allows its customers' production personnel to self-learn at their own pace while encouraging loyalty and providing a competitive edge.
Company's V5100 vertical form-fill-seal style baling machine packages finished bags of product into film wrapped bales, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes, pre-made bags, and paper bales.