baling wire

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Baling wire

The iron wire used to tie around hay bales to keep them from coming apart. In the horse-powered era, the wires were precut to length and came with a loop at one end. The wire was reasonably soft so that it could easily be slipped around the bale and tied. Cast-off wires from the bales became a mainstay for various farm repairs. With the advent of power balers, the wire was somewhat stiffer and supplied in rolls.
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Noun1.Baling wire - wire used to make balesbaling wire - wire used to make bales    
wire - ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc
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Galvanized steel wire is an intermediate product used to make corrosion resistant wire products, including chain link fence, vineyard wire, baling wire and bale ties.
Attach the positive and negative wires to the alternator and secure them to the bracket and along the tower with zip ties, baling wire, or duct tape.
Paua also made bamboo cannons (probably the type that were used for New Year's Eve and fiestas) crudely reinforced with baling wire and fired with water and kalburo.
Such fencing is structurally like baling wire, only larger.
Notre Dame (7-4) heads into its rivalry game against USC (7-4) with a defense being held together with spit and baling wire. Coach Brian Kelly described the injuries the Irish sustained as ''devastating.''
"We found ourselves over time experimenting with off-the-shelf, cloud-based technologies and because of the way our infrastructure was kind of locked in, we had to do a lot of workarounds--what I referred to as using baling wire and duct tape," Red Rocks President/CEO Pat Ahern said.
"Of course you cannot cater for Chinese lanterns but you can look at ways of negating the impact of a fire, like proper fire breaks, and cutting out anything which can cause a spark - for example a loose piece of baling wire can be a sparking hazard, and keeping as much of these sites under cover as you can."
2 Wrap green baling wire (available at craft and floral supply stores) around the base of a Tillandsia, above the bottom 2 sets of leaflets.
Caparo Wire, which is surrounded by industrial units on the estate, makes wire for fasteners, ropes, galvanised auto baling wire, mesh and other industrial and specialised products.
"I picked up some at Waste Management/' he says, "cut off about 3 feet, and had my baling wire."
Somebody then decided to semi-permanently join 'em in unholy wedlock with duct tape, tin sheets and baling wire. At some later point, the result was deemed to be a range office and living quarters for the groundskeeper.