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adj. balk·i·er, balk·i·est
1. Given to stopping and refusing to go on: a balky horse; a balky client.
2. Difficult to operate or start: a balky switch; a balky engine.

balk′i·ness n.


(ˈbɔːkɪ; ˈbɔːlkɪ) or


adj, balkier, balkiest, baulkier or baulkiest
inclined to stop abruptly and unexpectedly: a balky horse.
ˈbalkily, ˈbaulkily adv
ˈbalkiness, ˈbaulkiness n


(ˈbɔ ki)

adj. balk•i•er, balk•i•est.
given to balking; stubborn; obstinate.
balk′i•ly, adv.
balk′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.balky - stopping short and refusing to go onbalky - stopping short and refusing to go on; "a balking"; "a balky mule"; "a balky customer"
intractable - not tractable; difficult to manage or mold; "an intractable disposition"; "intractable pain"; "the most intractable issue of our era"; "intractable metal"


Given to acting in opposition to others:
References in classic literature ?
Yes, Amy was in despair that day, for all the good beasts were gone, and of three left, one was lame, one blind, and the other so balky that you had to put dirt in his mouth before he would start.
The early Mark II computer being developed at Harvard University was balky, and a programming team - which included Navy Lieutenant Grace Hopper, a pioneer in computer history - found and fixed the problem.
The Balky Farm in Northfield raises sheep and goats with the lambs and kids providing a great photo-op.
There's not much beauty being a young mother, near her time, riding a balky donkey, then delivering in a smelly cave because nobody had room for a pregnant girl whose first-born had a cattle feeding trough for his first cradle.
Administration officials say nearly half of the money would be used to improve care for the children as they move through a too-often balky deportation process.
But all of those fancy features on your smartphone are meaningless if they are on a balky network.
After so many years crater-hopping, Opportunity is showing its age: It has an arthritic joint in its robotic arm and it drives mostly backward due to a balky front wheel — more annoyances than show-stoppers.
as the last of the great New York newspaper wars, a balky battle to the death between two bygone titans who haven't noticed that no one else is paying attention.
If the ramp is slow or balky, it could be a sign of hydraulic problems.
Sometimes when a nut seems balky, you can apply enough pressure to loosen it by using force in the opposite direction on the same pipe.
But never, surely, are we destined to witness all of the attributes - and the odd failing - in one such balky frame again.
US officials told The New York Times those who have moved have been balky in Camp Hurriya, refusing to occupy one building, blocking water trucks and resisting the opening of a clinic.