or ball′-car`rier,

n. Football.
the offensive player having the ball and attempting to gain ground.
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8 impressed after coming on as a second-half replacement for Ryan Jones and was Wales' top ball-carrier despite playing for only 35 minutes.
It forces the defense to play assignment football and to account for each ball-carrier.
The Crusaders again include ball-carrier Shawn van Rensburg who has made a big impression since the South African signed from union side Newport-Gwent Dragons.
Not only has he played at the top level in New Zealand, he also has a reputation as a powerful ball-carrier and a big hitter and is an opponent people would prefer not to face.
Because the running lane for the ball-carrier will usually open up like the parting of the Red Sea.
And, despite the Wales management attempting to play down the seriousness of the injury, there are real concerns that their No 1 ball-carrier might not make the September 9 World Cup kick-off with Canada in Nantes.
If you need one more first down and get it, your ball-carrier should immediately take a knee (not go out of bounds) after making the line to gain.
Meanwhile, he will be hoping that his team-mates will help share the burden of being Wales' principle ball-carrier up front.
Chabal is a threat with ball in hand, but his weakness is his predictability as a ball-carrier.
When fly-half Stephen Jones went off, he had been our main ball-carrier and our main threat.
This blocking scheme will force these two players to stay at home until they have identified the ball-carrier.