or ball′-car`rier,

n. Football.
the offensive player having the ball and attempting to gain ground.
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And, despite the Wales management attempting to play down the seriousness of the injury, there are real concerns that their No 1 ball-carrier might not make the September 9 World Cup kick-off with Canada in Nantes.
No matter what formation he is in, the ball-carrier must run this play downhill!
Meanwhile, he will be hoping that his team-mates will help share the burden of being Wales' principle ball-carrier up front.
Chabal is a threat with ball in hand, but his weakness is his predictability as a ball-carrier.
We taught the ball-carrier how to get the most out of the play by taking the ball to the numbers and turning up at the sideline.
'When fly-half Stephen Jones went off, he had been our main ball-carrier and our main threat.
They must release aggressively at the nearest secondary defender, assuming a position of inside leverage between the man and the ball-carrier. They wait for the defender to commit to the run, then engage him.
The momentum builds and people run off the ball-carrier,' he explained.
and took the full brunt of the ball-carrier's mid-stride thigh on top of his helmet.
Ospreys ball-carrier Jones came of age during the Six Nations.
This will enable him to square up on the designated defender and make a more solid block--giving the ball-carrier an easier read to cut off.
Serge Betsen v Ryan Jones Ball-carrier Jones could hardly have a tougher opponent for his first Six Nations start, with serial tackler Betsen a man at the peak of his powers