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 (bə-läd′, bă-)
1. A verse form usually consisting of three stanzas of eight or ten lines each along with a brief envoy, with all three stanzas and the envoy ending in the same one-line refrain.
2. Music A composition, usually for the piano, having the romantic or dramatic quality of a narrative poem.

[Middle English balade; see ballad.]


(bæˈlɑːd; French balad)
1. (Poetry) prosody a verse form consisting of three stanzas and an envoy, all ending with the same line. The first three stanzas commonly have eight or ten lines each and the same rhyme scheme
2. (Classical Music) music an instrumental composition, esp for piano, based on or intended to evoke a narrative


(bəˈlɑd, bæ-)

1. a poem commonly of three stanzas having an identical rhyme scheme, followed by an envoy, and having the same last line for each of the stanzas and the envoy.
2. a romantic musical composition.
[1485–95; < Middle French, variant of balade ballad]


- A verse or poem made up of three stanzas of equal length with a recurrent line or refrain at the end of each of the stanzas.
See also related terms for refrain.
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Noun1.ballade - a poem consisting of 3 stanzas and an envoyballade - a poem consisting of 3 stanzas and an envoy
poem, verse form - a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines


[bæˈlɑːd] N (Mus) → balada f
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tell her, that with my whole heart I wish for her what she wished for herself on Thursday evening, while she was listening to Chopin's Ballade.
The trailer offered a cheerful color ballade, intriguing music, and a much anticipated Superman (Henry Cavill) appearance.
The late John Ogdon said that the F Minor Ballade "contains the experience of a lifetime": In the hands of the 24-year-old South Korean it felt like that sort of musical distillation.
Georgiou will interpret popular works such as Love's Dream by Liszt and The Seasons by Tchaikovsky, The Dance of the Swans by Tchaikovsky transcribed for solo piano, Reverie by Debussy, a Chopin Nocturne and Ballade and compositions by the late Cypriot pianist Nicolas Economou with evocative titles such as Greek Dance, Toy Shop and Lullaby.
Two St Christopher's School teachers Paul Bagshaw (flute) and Olena Nazarova (piano) will perform music by G F Handel, a sonata by Francis Poulenc, a ballade by Carl Reinecke and two pieces by the contemporary composer and flautist Ian Clarke: Sunstreams and Maya for two flutes and piano.
Dans la matinee de vendredi, une ballade contee au jardin Ibn Badis avec le guide Abdelhak Abdeslem, partenaire de l'association Bel Horizon, etait au programme.
And during this period Alan Rusbridger, an amateur pianist, learned and ultimately performed Frederic Chopin's Ballade No.
Niederberger: Dash of Color for Three (2011); Greg Donner: Partita (2011); York Bowen, Ballade, Op.
The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Theodore Kerkezos Larnaca Nicosia Ballade Cretan Concertino Ballade Cretan Concertino Sonatina Die schoene Melusine (The fair Melusina) Symphony in D major Symphony in D major will pay tribute to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax, with an evening concert series in Larnaca and Nicosia on April 10 and 11.
He examines the preludes and works composed, before, after, and concurrently with them for instances of the Dies Irae motive, including the Sonata in B-flat minor, the Polonaise in C minor, the Second Ballade, and the Scherzo in C-sharp minor.
6) Une des representations de la mere archaique, oU son agressivite destructive est explicite, se trouve dans la ballade << Mistriceanul >>:
It is within the force fields of pro/creation and destruction that Dalembert deftly sets his interrupted Ballade.