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A singer or composer of ballads.


(Music, other) someone who composes or performs ballads


(ˈbæl ə dɪst)

a writer or singer of ballads.
References in classic literature ?
Alfred Noyes (born 1880) is a refreshingly true lyric poet and balladist, and Mr.
In the 14th-century poetic classic "Divine Comedy," Italian balladist, literary theorist, moral philosopher and political thinker Dante Alighieri chronicles his 24hour journey through Hell, led by the Roman bardVirgil.
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But oral transmission can also involve formulaic loss: formulas were of use to the weary or lazy popular writer as well, and our balladist used one, "upon the gallows tree" in this same stanza, which the oral tradition does not retain.
returned to Egypt and turned from a court bard to a versatile balladist.
11) Margaret Carnegie & Frank Shields, In search of Breaker Morant: balladist and bushveldt carbineer (Armadale, Vic.
As a bush balladist, horse lover and nascent nationalist he was perfectly placed to describe the part his countrymen played as mounted riflemen in a wild colonial war.
She exhibits him, too, in his roles of prolific journalist and humorous poet, Bab the balladist.
The bush balladists have been rather neglected by Margin in the past.
The ballad also cut across classes and political groupings, finding habitation among working-class poets and street balladists as well as conservative and radical proponents of high culture.