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Noun1.ballet master - a man who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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Published by the Ministry of Culture, it provides information about famous ballet masters, conductors, artists, as well as photos of ballet dancers, posters and programs of performances staged over the years.
His teachings have influenced generations of dancers, teachers, choreographers, ballet masters, and artistic directors.
For the section titled "Statics," where a sassy girl taunts five teenaged boys, Pazcoguin says, "I was third string understudy." When Jennifer Tinsley of the first cast became indisposed, the ballet masters asked Pazcoguin to do a stage rehearsal with Seth Orza.
Perhaps no one works more intimately with the corps than the ballet masters. Louise Lester, who joined the Houston Ballet as a ballet mistress in 2004, says the importance of the corps can't be underestimated.
The intricacy of ensemble movement and gesture, perfectly demonstrated by Petrouchka and The Firebird, challenge not only dance notation but even the memories of ballet masters. Some recent revivals, especially in Russia, have been all but laughable.
The decision not to renew the contract, said Ferrer, was the result of "the unanimous collective judgment of the entire artistic staff, including the ballet masters and artistic director." He describes the allegations made about Richardson, who has worked for ABT for eighteen years, as "categorically false and a disservice to the dedication and class of the many dancers who have honored ABT with their hard work."
Smith says the study also suggests that promoting positive relationships among dancers, ballet masters and directors just might help lower injury rates as well.
Others on the short list included Martin Fredmann, director of the Colorado Ballet, and European-based ballet masters Robert Denvers, Jonas Kage and Jean-Christophe Maillot.
And after 1917 many Russian dancers, teachers, and ballet masters came to the West, among them Nicholas Sergeyev.
The Russian brain trust that Holmes has in place as ballet masters in Boston--Tatiana Legat, Tatiana Terekhova, and Sergei Berejnoi, all graduates of the Vaganova School and Kirov veterans--also helped teach the work to the Boston dancers and later to ABT.
Although some former dancers are still performing elsewhere, most have blossomed in other careers: four are physical therapists; one is a chiropractor; forty-four are teachers; seven are ballet masters or ballet mistresses; fourteen are artistic directors of their own companies; one is a professor of psychiatry; three are psychologists or counselors; one is an organic farmer; one is a horse trainer; several have written books.