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Noun1.ballet mistress - a woman who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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EYB ballet mistress Julianne Rice-Oxley, who is coaching the dancers, said: "The young dancers are treated like professionals during rehearsals - we work them hard but the results are fantastic.
Now, her mother, Mandy-Jayne Richardson, is NBoC's senior ballet mistress, and her father, Lindsay Fischer, is the principal ballet master.
Sevidal, former ballet mistress of Ballet Philippines, gives attention to each individual and helps them boost their confidence.
"As well as the workshop with renowned ballet mistress Tania Matos, participants also get the chance to see part of the rehearsals and meet the cast in costume backstage after the first night."
But these Real Women will need the thick skin of a rhino to withstand the straight-talking of Wayne's ballet mistress Monica Loughman who is my new, slightly scary girl-crush.
Marion Tait, Birmingham Royal Ballet's Ballet Mistress, introduced the performance and mingled with guests.
The company owes its style to choreographer Victor Smirnov-Golovanov, previously a Bolshoi soloist, and his wife Ludmila Nerubashenko, chief ballet mistress.
All profits from ticket sales go to the cause and audience members had the chance to buy signed photographs and books, meet the dancers and see a costume for Titania worn by ballet mistress Marion Tait which is being auctioned online.
Would a ballet mistress really risk her most talented students on such a folly, and could Carly and Co really conjure such intricate, prop-heavy choreography out of thin air?
Kai, who worked with Balanchine as a student, assistant ballet mistress, and ballet master, then outlines techniques and exercises he taught her, as well as the basics of his method.
My father wasn't keen and the ballet mistress beat me."
Why it's here: Eleven-year-old Billy Elliot, an English coal miner's son with a pair of irrepressibly dancing feet, charmed the Academy into nominating Stephen Daldry (its first-time director), cited Lee Hall's script in the original screenplay category, and rewarded Julie Walters's chainsmoking ballet mistress with a Best Supporting Actress slot.