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Noun1.ballet position - classical position of the body and especially the feet in balletballet position - classical position of the body and especially the feet in ballet
posture, attitude, position - the arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
arabesque - position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind and arms outstretched in a conventional pose
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The Mirror graphic maestro sees you as a Tarzan with feet in a ballet position, a tiny waist and Popeye's biceps.
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR may have slayed the opposition with that sexy flapper dress, but when it comes to the dance moves, she's not going to get very far with fourth ballet position.
All six American entrants were eliminated during the trials and all seemed to have the same faults: lack of correct port de bras in basic poses; poor or no ability to do small, quick beats; lack of epaulement; incorrect use of head positions; and lack of awareness that all exercises must begin and end in a recognizable ballet position. There have been American scholarship winners at the Prix, but most properly trained American dancers understandably prefer to remain in their own schools, especially if that school is affiliated with a company they want to join.
Dancers become graceful and poised while learning basic ballet positions, leaps, turns and more.
"Give yourself a stock list of things to do with your hands, especially if you tend to always hold them in ballet positions. Gesture is completely different from port de bras."
Students will be introduced to the proper techniques of ballet to include the five basic ballet positions. Students will learn a complete dance which will incorporate their newly-learned stills.
As well as fleeting references to ballet positions -- arms held in third position, feet curved into chisel-sharp points, expansive leaps with scissoring legs -- there were moments at which the body seemed to give out.
But like all dreamers, Biff is determined to realise his passion and peeks through the window at ballet lessons, watches ballet on television and resolutely practises ballet positions until at last ...