ballistic pendulum

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Noun1.ballistic pendulum - a physical pendulum consisting of a large mass suspended from a rod; when it is struck by a projectile its displacement is used to measure the projectile's velocity
gun pendulum - a ballistic pendulum consisting of a suspended gun; the velocity of a projectile in the bore of a gun can be measured by the recoil when the gun is discharged
compound pendulum, physical pendulum - pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis
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1bar trigger with ballast.32 counter-timer piece 33 the reception switch would strike 34 ballistic pendulum (trap), piece 45 ballistic block with starting device, piece 46 special clip (bolt with a cutter), piece 36 s pcs.310g-semiconductor p-type carrying panel.
SINCE BENJAMIN ROBINS invented the ballistic pendulum in 1742, ballisticians (professional and amateur alike) have had to contend with wires, bulky boxes and lighting while shooting through--and sometimes into--so-called "sky screens" where a projectile passes over a series of optical sensors.
To estimate power we had the power meter, a simple form of a ballistic pendulum. The ballistic pendulum used by Cooper at the American Pistol Institute, and recommended for use by IPSC clubs, was designed by Mike Home of Bakersfield, CA.

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