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describing balloon bomb attacks and resulting American casualties).
My son's high school history teacher said that during World War II two schoolboys were killed when they found a Japanese paper balloon bomb in the Astoria area.
The balloon bomb is further evidence that bin Laden was using scientists to research methods of attacking the West.
Seat Shuffle, Couple Detector, Compatibility Checker, Boxing Rush, Nice Batting, Archery, Balance Board, Wasabi Shock, Rhythm Touch, Rolling Ball, Number Flash, Fast Math, Coin Tower, Balloon Bomb, Bomb Relay .
Pontoon Bridges * Grand Slam Bomb * M1 Rifle * M20 Bazooka * V-2 Rocket * ME 262, the world's first jet fighter * Republic P-47 Thunderbolt * Willys Jeep * Japanese Balloon Bomb * US Gato Class Submarine * US P-51 Mustang Escort Fighter * US M16 Half-Track * US Grumman F-6 Hellcat Naval Fighter-bomber * Battleship Missouri * 'Fat Boy' and 'Fat Man'-the Atomic Bombs
On May 5, 1945, people on a church picnic outside Bly - 60 miles east of Klamath Falls - triggered such a balloon bomb.
Through scores of historic photos, many plucked from forgotten archive files; skilled historical research techniques; great, detailed explanations of everything from what it's like to jump out of an airplane to the construction of Japanese balloon bombs that sailed into the American west during World War II; and a determination to tell the complete, difficult story, the author paints a deeply human picture of a group of men who answered a call, stood up to formidable obstacles, and ultimately paved the road for the racial integration of the Armed Forces in the years after World War II.
In addition, the book touches on submarine bombardment of Hawaiian and west coast targets in 1942; balloon bombs launched from Japan in 1944-45; and a number of abortive plans to attack the American east and west coasts, Texas oil fields, and the Panama Canal.

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