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"Even a Schwinn coaster with big balloon tires was a challenge for me.
Fat bikes are mountain bikes with huge balloon tires, usually about 4 inches wide, twice the size of a normal mountain bike tire.
Suspension: tire suspension through special balloon tires
Impact on the land is a mere one to two pounds per square inch for a self-propelled hoverbarge and four to five pounds per square inch for a tractor with oversized balloon tires, he noted.
This PC360 story is excerpted from: The rules also define an all-terrain vehicle as "a four or six wheel motor vehicle equipped with balloon tires or crawler treads, designed for use on rugged terrain or rugged terrain and water."
The CMC recommended that the decision to ban the use and import of balloon tires should be reviewed until suitable alternatives are adopted.
Beginning with Harroun's rearview mirror and continuing through balloon tires, front-wheel drive racers, and the gas turbine engine that almost won the race in 1967, Indianapolis has always fostered innovation.
Henry Ford refused to recognize that his beloved T was long past its "use by" date, although, at the prodding of company officials and his son, Edsel, he did agree to offer wire wheels and balloon tires, as well as different body colors.
Balloon tires, four-wheel brakes, seat belts, and fuel injection all made their debut at Indy.
Of course, my chair had features such as balloon tires and removable armrests--not typical of standard, hospital-style chairs.
Answering a challenge from Grant Peterson, owner of Rivendell Bicycles in California and publisher of the Rivendell Reader newsletter, Co-Motion has been working for the past year to design a high-performing bike for cyclists whose weight has limited them to heavy-duty single-speeds with balloon tires and coaster brakes.