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Noun1.balloonfish - similar to but smaller than porcupinefishballoonfish - similar to but smaller than porcupinefish
spiny puffer - puffers having rigid or erectile spines
Diodon, genus Diodon - type genus of the Diodontidae
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In central Brazil, they were composed of massive schools of the balloonfish (Diodon holocanthus [Madureira et al., 2004]) or of multiple species of triggerfishes (i.e., the unicorn filefish (Aluterus monoceros), gray triggerfish, queen triggerfish [Balistes vetula], and ocean triggerfish [Canthidermis sufflamen]).
The different English common names reflect the variation in color pattern: Whitespotted Puffer, Stripebelly Puffer, Spiny Balloonfish, and Stars-and-Stripes Puffer.