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A pen having as its writing point a small ball bearing that transfers ink stored in a cartridge onto a writing surface.


(ˈbɔːlˌpɔɪnt) or

ballpoint pen


ball pen

a pen having a small ball bearing as a writing point. Also called (Brit): Biro



a pen in which the point is a fine ball bearing that rotates against a supply of semisolid ink in a cartridge. Also called ball′point pen′.
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Noun1.ballpoint - a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paperballpoint - a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper
pen - a writing implement with a point from which ink flows
قَلَم حِبْر جافقَلَمُ حِبْرِ جافّ
kuličkové perokuličkový
kemijska olovka
guľôčkové peroguľôčkový
bút bi


[ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt] ballpoint pen Nbolígrafo m, birome m or f (S. Cone)


ball-point, ballpoint pen, ball-point pen [ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt] n (= Biro) → stylo-bille m


(boːl) noun
1. anything roughly round in shape. a ball of wool.
2. a round object used in games. a tennis ball.
3. balls (plural) (slang) testicles.
ˌball-ˈbearings noun plural
in machinery etc, small steel balls that help the revolving of one part over another.
ˈballcock noun
a valve in a cistern.
ˈballpoint noun
a pen having a tiny ball as the writing point.
a ballpoint pen.
on the ball
quick, alert and up-to-date. The new manager is really on the ball.
start/set, keep the ball rolling
to start or keep something going, especially a conversation. He can be relied on to start the ball rolling at parties.


قَلَمُ حِبْرِ جافّ kuličkové pero kuglepen Kugelschreiber στυλό διαρκείας bolígrafo kuulakärkikynä stylo-bille kemijska olovka penna a sfera ボールペン 볼펜 balpen kulepenn długopis kulkowy caneta esferográfica шариковая ручка kulspetspenna ปากกาลูกลื่น Tükenmez kalem bút bi 圆珠笔
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Taiwan, whose exports amount to only about 20 percent of mainland Chinas, focuses more on midrange to high-end ballpoint pens, mechanical and non-pencils, roller tip pens, gel pens, fountain pens, novelty or promotional pens, as well as pen parts.
Contract award for : pen, ballpoint, ecological type, fine writing, blue, body recycled material packaging
Since 1996 he has been producing a series of dreamy "automatic" ballpoint abstractions collectively titled "Blueprints.
Parker Pen's well-known Jotter ballpoint pen could not be marketed with the name in Latin countries because that word also happened to be slang for jockstrap.
With these tiny nano transistors -- 10 nanometers in size -- we will be able to build 10 billion transistors in the space of a period made by a ballpoint pen.
Ballpoint pen, ecological type, fine writing, in red ink, on recycled material body long life packaging
In his recent work, fragile spirals, scrolls, and webs are traced in ink and white or clear acrylic, punctuated by passages of graphite or ballpoint pen and, occasionally, pinkish pencil.
A tabloid reporter attempting to interview police detectives investigating the death of actor William Shatner's wife was charged after he reportedly stabbed an officer with his ballpoint pen.
The market for these items has been largely membership-based organizations looking for alternatives to the customary ballpoint pen, cap or bag for a promotional giveaway at a convention or workshop.
Contract awarded for 2 rolls acetate, transparent - gauge # 8, 2,365 pcs ballpoint pen, extra fine, oil gel, et al
Varying in size from sixteen to forty-five inches in diameter, each one is cloaked in a meticulous representation of a constellation, star cluster, meteor shower, or other celestial formation rendered in black ballpoint pen with touches of watercolor.
After class ended, the teacher started to lock the classroom door when she saw a 14-inch tall, 10-inch wide swastika drawn in black ballpoint pen with two Stars of David drawn above it, the report said.