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Noun1.ballroom music - a genre of popular music composed for ballroom dancingballroom music - a genre of popular music composed for ballroom dancing
popular music, popular music genre - any genre of music having wide appeal (but usually only for a short time)
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Brewing Co., Top Out Brewery and 71 Brewing." The Barras Art and Design Centre, located just behind the Barrowlands Ballroom music venue, is described as "a truly unique space in the heart of the East End of Glasgow"and hosts a variety of events.
it is a split market in 1 slice firm and 1 slice optional: * slice firm: supply of furniture music room, bar, ballroom music room: 160 seats bar: 4 tolix stools h75 ballroom: 4 armchairs art deco club, 4 contemporary lounge chairs * optional tranche: furnishing of bar and ballroom furniture: 16 tolix chairs a ballroom: 33 exhibition boards, 10 double wall kits 200 * 30, 8 single wall kits 100 * 30no planned visit on site.
After playing several other roller and ice skating rinks, he joined an all-female trio, "The Rhythmettes," which quickly became "Elliott and the Rhythmettes," playing ballroom music at dance clubs and restaurants in the area for 15 years.
OLD FLYERS: Posters from the 1960s advertising Coventry Twang Dances (left) and a Twang Night at Coventry's Orchid Ballroom MUSIC COMPILATION: Pete Clemons is writing a book about Coventry's music scene